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Monday - April 23, 2018

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  I have my own pick that I want made into a necklace. Do you do that?
Yes Absolutely! Clients often send me picks, and I specialize in Memorial Jewelry of your loved one.

I've seen a famous band's pick on your site, and I want to buy that one. I click on it, but nothing happens. Why?
The picks featured in the Guitar Pick Gallery are not for sale- those are custom items created for clients. Those are online for new clients to use the pictures for a design reference on their custom work. However, if you get a pick from a concert, Ebay, or collector's shop- we'd be thrilled to make a design just for you!

How do I set up a Custom Order?
I've been making custom guitar pick necklaces since 1981, and through my stained glass business since 1991. (Odd, but true..) People from all over the world have sent me guitar picks to create something for them, and I enjoy each and every opportunity! Here's how it works:

    1. Browse our site for design ideas- and have fun dreaming up some possibilities for your jewelry piece!

    2. Send in your guitar pick- When mailing it, please do NOT tape the pick directly. I cannot stress this enough, because tape can peel off the printing on a guitar pick. It is better to wrap it up in a scrap of paper, then tape the wrapped pick to a card or letter inside the envelope. Dropping a loose pick inside isn't a good idea either, because it can get caught on some mailing processing machines, tearing it out of the envelope. Also be sure to include:
    -Your Name
    -Your Return Address
    (Required! Orders cannot be processed without a valid Email to send your proof photos to.)
    -What size/ length
    -Any color preferences
    -Budget, if applicable

Please send it to:
Angel Hall - Guitar Pick Wear
P.O. Box 6954
Lees Summit, MO. 64064-6954

3. Designs- Once I have the pick, I will make several "mock ups" and send you the digital pictures, along with prices. All prices will include shipping for you. :)   Prices generally range anywhere from $7-$45, depending on the beads chosen, and how many beads you want. The average neckpiece is $9-$18, which is an excellent value for a custom made design- SHIPPED! :)

4. Payment- Once you've selected your design, I will send you a Square invoice. Once payment is received, your jewelry will ship the same day, or next available business day. I also accept USPS Money Orders or Checks, but checks must clear before shipment.
will be shipped the same day, or next available business day from when the picks arrive to the studio for jewelry fabrication.  The printer may take up to 6 weeks for some custom colors of picks, but the average is 15-17 days from payment received.

***Please Note ***  Custom Printed, Custom Designed, and website sales will be shipped with complimentary USPS Delivery Confirmation.

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